Wednesday, August 18, 2010

new perspective

time;lepas sahur

post si FARAH NABILAH WAZER bertitle BUAT EMAK membuatan hati kecil ini tersentak.

it's almost 4 month i'm stuck in uitm shah alam
i can see a lil bit changes in my life. what i meant, both.yeah, i felt that i'm not the old fitri. ;(
i know, people will change. but what makes us different is, how we become after the transition process. lecture from madam xxxxxx, really makes me insaf. but for how long?
ah shitto.
final exam is coming soon. argh, im not sure whether i'm ready or not.(well u can guess, for sure i'm not ready yet to sit the exam)
i look at my calender, i still have about 1month to prepare before the finale or i will dig my own grave..
fitto! reduce your unbeneficial acivities. can i? haha... well, we will see.
ok, here are few steps that will taken;
1st ; deactivate my facebook account.(done)
2nd ; ignore all the messages(both yahoo n gmail)
3rd ; stop playing with my baby.
4th ; poker? sometimes... ;\
5th....? i will add on later. ;)


  1. salam. awak , aja buat share button boleh .
    p/s : semalam tukaq tmpltes . almost everythg hlg . lupa mana letak code shared bttn :(
    kalau bolrh , chtbox me yahh :)

  2. hi.. i will reply to you a.s.a.p..
    i'm quite busy right now.
    thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. heyyy seriously you deactivate your fb account? okay okay lepasni serious belajar. chill fit, you boleh ! :D

  4. serious la..
    dah x nak main2 dah.

  5. xpe fb x larik mane.
    anytime you can reactivate aite?
    hehe, gud luck in ur studies ;)